Resistance, which means uselessly opposing what is and cannot be changed, only produces suffering. However we do it constantly in our daily life, the life that the fictional character that is our ego has to live. We sit in the movie theater to watch the movie and we suffer trying


The absence of matter, nothingness, mysteriously modulates a sense of existence, of “I am”. Yet to this prime and pure sensation of simply existing, spontaneously all sorts of less subtle and contradictory sensations adhere. Thus the illusion of duality is created. Duality generates options and these nurture themselves by their

The root of suffering

The root of all suffering lies in a simple confusion. We believe we are an individual, separate from the rest of the universe. We mistake a transitory phenomenon with the eternity in which it manifests, and we believe that this transitory phenomenon is what we are. As if a wave


We need to get familiar with nothingness because, in truth, nothingness is what we are. We usually think that nothingness is of no use. That is what the mind tells us: nothingness is just nothing and nothing happens there. As it cannot be measured, as it cannot be weighed, as

Paying in advance

When we need to do something that we think of as important, the first thing we do is think about everything that could possibly go wrong. The mind is negative by nature, and trying to change it is a waste of time, although many people make a good living telling


Good morning. I’m happy to be here with you again. There is very little to talk about, very little to say. Almost everything has already been said, now it’s up to you to do the work. I can show you where the mine is, but you are the ones who


(In the first days of the pandemic) The other day we were talking about the options we have at every moment in our life, and I was saying that in my experience there are only two options. One is to fight against what is happening to you, and the other


Om Shanti Shanti Om. Good morning everyone, I welcome you from the bottom of my heart. One of the things people ask me often, and I know people have doubts about, is how to tell whether a teacher is real. How do I know if a teacher is realised? I


Om Shanti Shanti Om I welcome you with all my heart. Sorry, you will have to bear with me, but I had cataract surgery just before the quarantine started, and in the mornings my eyes are watering. I’m not crying, it’s just that my eyes are watering (Luis laughs). What