Each teacher is different

You need to be clear that there is no such thing as the universal teacher, or the Advaita teaching that works for everyone. That is why there are different types of teacher, and why their teachings appear to differ from one to another. Each teacher speaks with their own voice, but this voice, these words, are a very limited instrument, extremely limited for what they have to express. Each teacher adapts to this limitation differently, and this the reason why their teachings differ, apparently. Each teacher teaches the path that they have followed in pursuit of realization, according to their own experience, and this also causes the teachings to vary. Also, different Advaita lineages have different approaches to the teachings.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most of what a teacher says in Satsang is meant for an individual in particular. The teacher, having this person in their presence, knows what this person needs to hear and receive. For this reason it’s a waste of time to try and compare, debate or discuss what a teacher said in Satsang. If you are not realized, you have no basis to argue what someone who is says — only an ego out of control would do that. And if you are truly realized, you will not have any desire to argue, it will be the same to you.

When we understand that each teacher speaks to a different type of seeker, it becomes clear how useless it is to try to follow several teachers, or read from several teachers. Your mind will be picking what it likes best from each of the teachers’ teachings, and this will only bring confusion and paralysis, for the mind’s greater benefit. Listen to your heart, it will tell you who your teacher may be. Choose one and forget about others. Immerse yourself in their teachings, follow their advice, do your best to be in their presence. Do it with intensity, with all your heart and for a reasonable time, and if after some time you feel that you are not progressing, it is time to find someone else and start the process again. I can assure you that in two or three attempts you will have found your TEACHER, the perfect mirror for you. That is what the search is all about. Jumping from one text to another, from one video to another only serves to fill your mind with garbage, and you will get no results. Five teachers is not five times better than one, it’s about quality not quantity. Surrender and trust.

The silence of their presence, which is yourself, will do the rest.

Luis de Santiago, April 15th, 2015