Chain of lies

When we take as true something we have not checked, we risk basing our life on a lie. We assume that the person who told us this thing, with all his good intentions, has taken the trouble to check its truth with his own experience before transmitting his wisdom. But that is not the case. Very few beings take the trouble to verify the dogmas that have been transmitted to them.

When we act on the basis of lies, the result we achieve is a world with neither heads nor tails, a complete chaos. And… naive that we are, we try to fix it by applying other dogmas that we have not verified either. Does that sound familiar?

Maya, the treat illusion, only works if we take the lie as truth, if we accept that the mirage is water. Simply by opening ourselves to the possibility that all these “unproven” things may be lies, our view of the world changes. Our face lights up with an expression of “now I understand”, and laughter is inevitable.

Go back and question all your beliefs, starting with the most fundamental ones. Ask yourself, how do I know that all this is true? If the answer is “because I was told”, then inquire in your living experience to see whether it matches. Very few things will survive this scrutiny, and the more you let go of lies, the happier you will get, and a great burden will be lifted from your shoulders.

You didn’t come to a pre-made world, the world has been imposed on you based on lies.

And of course, what I am telling you, you also have to experience it and see whether it is true or not.

Luis de Santiago, October 31st, 2014.