Happiness in the world

Sometimes we believe that there are two kinds of happiness. There is the happiness of the world, the one you get from people, things, events or achievements. We know that this happiness is ephemeral, and soon disappears. Then there is another kind of happiness that is constant, that does not


We have been living all our life thinking that we are a body and a mind, with something ethereal that we call “spirit” added to it. For some the spirit doesn’t exists, and everything ends with the mind and intelligence. For others spirit is something we will have to deal

Teacher or charlatan?

It’s very easy to pretend to be a teacher, we all know the ultimate truth: “The only thing that exists is consciousness recognizing itself”; “Everything is a dream, the mind and body are an illusion”, “There is neither the observer nor anything observed”, “Everything is void, Brahman”, blah blah blah.

Chain of lies

When we take as true something we have not checked, we risk basing our life on a lie. We assume that the person who told us this thing, with all his good intentions, has taken the trouble to check its truth with his own experience before transmitting his wisdom. But

Each teacher is different

You need to be clear that there is no such thing as the universal teacher, or the Advaita teaching that works for everyone. That is why there are different types of teacher, and why their teachings appear to differ from one to another. Each teacher speaks with their own voice,


Resistance, which means uselessly opposing what is and cannot be changed, only produces suffering. However we do it constantly in our daily life, the life that the fictional character that is our ego has to live. We sit in the movie theater to watch the movie and we suffer trying


The absence of matter, nothingness, mysteriously modulates a sense of existence, of “I am”. Yet to this prime and pure sensation of simply existing, spontaneously all sorts of less subtle and contradictory sensations adhere. Thus the illusion of duality is created. Duality generates options and these nurture themselves by their

The root of suffering

The root of all suffering lies in a simple confusion. We believe we are an individual, separate from the rest of the universe. We mistake a transitory phenomenon with the eternity in which it manifests, and we believe that this transitory phenomenon is what we are. As if a wave


We need to get familiar with nothingness because, in truth, nothingness is what we are. We usually think that nothingness is of no use. That is what the mind tells us: nothingness is just nothing and nothing happens there. As it cannot be measured, as it cannot be weighed, as