Stop Suffering, advaita, non dualty, atma vichara

It is the only way

This is the second day of retreat, so we are going to increase the intensity. Don’t forget that these two hours that you spend in silence are of no use if you then leave the place and start running around. This is very important. Notice that this high you have


“There is nothing to improve, there is nothing to change, you are perfect just as you are. Accept yourself, love yourself unconditionally, because you are perfect. The mind will tell you the contrary, but you know what you need to do with the mind. Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself…

Only two things are needed to be free

  “Only two things are needed to be free: One is to stop listening to the mind, The other is to surrender completely to your heart. If you do these two things, you are free. If you are not clear what is mind, it’s very simple: Whatever is not Grace,


Good morning, I welcome you with all my heart. It’s great to be here with you once more for this diving festival! Today we are going to dive and dive and dive, into that thing that we are. We’re going to get in touch with who we really are, and

The second

The second that has just passed owes nothing to the second that follows it. The coming second expects nothing from the second that preceded it. Luis de Santiago

The bad habit of thinking

Om Shanti Shanti Om Yesterday we were talking about the work, about doing something, observing, doing it as a kind of work, something that is difficult to do. But it is like everything. We pay attention to the mind because we have become used to paying attention to it. Like

Your only choice

The thing that creates a lot of suffering, constantly, in our daily lives, is the feeling that we are the doer, that we are the ones that make things happen, the feeling that if we don’t do something, nothing will happen, and that’s totally ridiculous. Look at the Universe, do


Question: Luis, do I need a teacher? I’m a bit confused with this. Thanks. Luis: In my experience yes… definitely. My search changed when I met Robert Adams. From doubts, mind games, useless techniques and false teachers, I moved on to certainty, real experiences, wordless understanding, the manifestation of being.

Happiness in the world

Sometimes we believe that there are two kinds of happiness. There is the happiness of the world, the one you get from people, things, events or achievements. We know that this happiness is ephemeral, and soon disappears. Then there is another kind of happiness that is constant, that does not