It is the only way

Stop Suffering, advaita, non dualty, atma vichara

This is the second day of retreat, so we are going to increase the intensity.

Don’t forget that these two hours that you spend in silence are of no use if you then leave the place and start running around. This is very important.

Notice that this high you have disappears immediately when you start talking. It goes. And that high is very important. It’s not like the high you get when you drink a beer, which goes away and nothing happens. While this high is there, it is working, it is dissolving your ego. Try not to let it leave, because otherwise you are wasting your time here. This is very important. Especially when you are in a group, because the ego is contagious. You are in a group, and at first you are all very quiet. Suddenly one starts talking, and two minutes later everyone is running amok, completely out of control. One point for the ego.

We have to be vigilant and not let this happen, because in this match there is no zero to zero. Here you have to win, and you have to win by twenty-four to zero. Twenty-four hours being yourself versus zero hours being your ego. It is the only way. So stay alert.

Go in peace. I love you.
Sobrado dos Monxes, September 15, 2023