Good morning, I welcome you with all my heart.

It’s great to be here with you once more for this diving festival! Today we are going to dive and dive and dive, into that thing that we are. We’re going to get in touch with who we really are, and we are going to see changes. It’s very exciting, all those changes that come from turning our attention within, and getting in touch with our real selves — not with the character! Not with the ego, that little character created by the mind, that thing that believes itself to be separate from everybody else, and believes itself to be special. The ego wants to be special, more and more special. It wants to do things differently, because you have to be different from everybody else, you have to be different, something unique. That’s what the mind tells you. And in that process of becoming more and more unique, you suffer more and more… and eventually you have to realize that one thing is related with the other, that it’s not possible to be unique and in peace. You cannot have a big ego and be in peace. Those two things are mutually exclusive.

So you need to lose your ego, you need to burn your ego, and when you weaken your ego, when you start losing your ego, you will start feeling more peaceful, more and more peaceful. Keep diving deeper into yourself, because here is a fire. Right here [Luis touches his heart] is a fire that burns the ego, a fire that burns the mind. And the more we dive into that fire, the more peaceful we get. And as we weaken the mind, this mind will stop making us think that we need to be different, that we are separated, that we have to be unique. And eventually it starts sinking in, we start accepting that we are just the same as everyone else, that we are one with everybody else. There is no actual “everybody else” there, just a big chunk of peace, and we are that. All the other so-called people are the same thing, they are made of the same thing: oneness, peace.

So we need to start diving and burning the ego, and as we burn the ego, we see the difference in our lives. When we stop wanting to be unique and different, when we stop struggling to distinguish ourselves, we see how we gain in peace, becoming more and more peaceful, until it gets to a point that you become imperturbable. Nothing can touch your peace. All those things that used to drive you mad, or angry, or made you lose your inner peace, they just disappear. You will see that they were not true to begin with, they were like a mirage, an illusion created for the mind, just to perturb you, to make you unhappy and make you suffer. And when you start burning the mind and the ego, you become more peaceful and you will start seeing the difference.

You start noticing that the same scenes that used to perturb just you don’t do it any more. You start looking at yourself and noticing: oh look, this situation used to make me angry, and now I don’t feel anything! The situation in front of you is the same as before, but inside you something has changed. You find yourself gaining in peace, to the point that nothing can touch you. You will notice the changes, and these changes are good, because you suffer less and less and you live in peace with yourself and with all the so-called others, who are just you. You are looking into a mirror, and all those millions and millions of others are nothing but you. You will start seeing that, and you will accept that, because you will be accepting yourself, and you will see how the so-called others have the right to be the way they are, because they are just an illusion, a game. They won’t bother you, because you know that it’s you playing. It’s just an illusion.

You will also lose all your fears. Fear will disappear from your life, because you cannot hurt yourself. Everything in the so-called world is you, and you can never hurt yourself. So fear disappears. Never again do you need to fear anything. And when you lose all those things that made you suffer, you become quiet. You’ll never get angry again, and you will be able to do everything, but without anger, without fear; you will be able to keep doing what you have to do, you will still be able to tell your employees that they need to do better, but you will do it without anger, in a loving way. They will receive that love, and they will do their best to do things better. Everything will get done just as before, but without any conflict, but in a peaceful and loving way. You will see the difference, you will feel it.

Many changes will come, and they will all be perfect and thoroughly enjoyable. Here is one that I like a lot: you will never be in a hurry again! You will never be in a rush! Because you know that everything is going to get done, and you will arrive where you need to be at the right moment. So you will lose the need to rush, isn’t that great? Everything in your life still gets done, you still arrive at the places you need to be, always at the perfect moment.

You will also lose the need to get anyone else’s approval! You won’t care what others think about you. Why? For one, because you know it’s you, and secondly, because you just don’t care, it means nothing. You won’t think about the consequences of what other people think of you, or about what other people will think about what you say or what you do. You just do what you do, and say what you say, and there is nothing to worry about, because you know it’s you. You don’t need to please anybody. You don’t have to chase after anybody else’s love or approval, because you already have it. The rest is just an illusion, a game of mirrors. And once you realize this, the longing to be loved, or wanting the approval of others, will disappear, never to be felt again.

So dive into yourself! Dive into the fire in your heart, burn the ego! You don’t need it! Burn the mind, you don’t need it! You will see the difference. By burning what you don’t need, and diving into what you are, you will find what you’ve been looking for.

Robert Adams used to say that he was a killer of egos — and he was, for sure! He used to kill egos with his presence, used to kill egos by helping you dive into yourself, and he also used to kill egos directly. When you allowed your ego to come up in front of him, he would whack you, whack your ego and make sure you never do it again. He did it with me many times, not only with me but with everybody — so you know what is coming! I do the same, and if you allow your ego to come up in front of me, I’m going to make sure you never do it again. Some people get confused, and they think that because they get close to me, or because they help me, or help us organize events, or do events in different countries, that I’m going to go easy on their ego. But it’s the other way around, the closer you get to me, the harder I’m going to be on your ego. Don’t get confused, some people got confused and they are not around me any more. That’s my job and I will do it.

Luis de Santiago
Satsang in La Coruña, 12 december 2020