Your only choice

The thing that creates a lot of suffering, constantly, in our daily lives, is the feeling that we are the doer, that we are the ones that make things happen, the feeling that if we don’t do something, nothing will happen, and that’s totally ridiculous. Look at the Universe, do you have to push to make the Universe move? No. Do you have to push to make your atoms go around in circles? You don’t. What makes you believe that “here” you need to do, you need to push, you need to make things happen because if not, nothing will happen? That’s an ego thing, that’s my ego telling me how important I am, in the Universe!

The thing is that there is a Power, much, much bigger than us that has put things in motion and it’s not going to stop, whether we do or we don’t do, it’s not going to stop and things are going to keep happening, whether we push or not. I know it’s difficult to accept because it means you are not that important. The problem is that you believe you are, the problem is that you believe things happen because you do them and it put on your shoulder a lot of responsibility. If you think you are the doer, you are responsible for everything that happens and you have to be careful to make the right decisions because if not many terrible things can happen and it’s going to be your fault and the whole Universe is going to suffer because you didn’t make the right decision. It’s totally ridiculous! You are putting over your shoulder a big weight that don’t let you be happy, that makes you suffer constantly, all day long because you have to make the right decision all the time! Wooh… God… I get tired just talking about it! (laughing). You are not the doer! Things happen anyway and you have to realize that and you have to start living that way because how things are going to be is already decided for you, has been decided when the Universe started; and there is nothing you can do to change it, you can accept that and be free or you can oppose that and suffer. That’s your only choice. Things will happen anyway. The problem is that we don’t believe that, we don’t believe that and in part we like to be the doers. “Ahh our egos, I am the doer, I made my life, I made my own destiny, wow! Look how nice I am … I am powerful!”. You are not, you are fooling yourself because everything is going to happen anyway, your destiny is there anyway and you can arrive where you have to arrive suffering and sweaty and smelly or you can arrive fresh and happy and relaxed. That’s your only choice because the end result is going to be exactly the same. You are not the doer, I am sorry, I am sorry to burst your bubble. You are not! Relax. Do what you have to do, but do it knowing that it’s not you doing it. It doesn’t mean you are going to stay home and do nothing. That’s not what I’m telling you. The first thing the mind will tell you is “oh no, I cannot stay home and do nothing”. That’s a mind trick. You have to do the leg work. You have to go out and work. You have to get your paycheck and you have to cook, all that, but that hasn’t been decided by you, that’s the difference.

Try doing it that way, experiment with it, don’t believe me, test it. Test it because when you are the doer you are pushing and working very, very, hard and the result is going to be the same. Try it, try letting go of that feeling. It’s very important. Let go, open yourself to what is already decided and stop fighting the Universe. The power that moves everything is going to take care of you, is not going to let you go hungry. You don’t have to do anything, except do your leg work. Like an apple is an apple and is doing its job being an apple, you have to do what you have to do and if you are a father or a mother you have to take care of the kids and if you are an executive you have to go and work in the company and make it prosper, but it’s not you. Don’t assume the responsibility because is a waste, you don’t get anything by doing it, is a waste of time, is a waste of energy, is suffering for nothing, for nothing at all! You have to do your small stuff, you have to feed the kid, you have to take the bus, etc. But the Universe is not your responsibility, the planet is not your responsibility, what happens to other people in other parts of the planet is not your responsibility. Just do what you have to do and arrive at your destination fresh, refreshed, happy, relaxed. It takes the responsibility away from you, knowing that something bigger than you already decided what to do.

Open yourself for things to happen to you without you needing to do anything. Let go. Let go doer-ship and you will see how Magic starts happening in your life, how beautiful things happen all day long because you are open to that power to take care of you. If you want to do things yourself that power is not going to get angry at you, no that power doesn’t get angry at all but that power respects you and since it respects you it says “oh, you want to do it yourself, ok, do it yourself.” It’s a matter of respect and when you let go, when you surrender and you say, “I have tried myself and does not work” that power will say, “OK, all right” and beautiful things will start happening in your life all the time, once you let go trying to push. That’s the whole trick. You have to let go.

All those things that happen in your life that you say, “Oh, look, what a coincidence, oh look how lucky I was”. They came through because without knowing it, you had let go. Spontaneously you had let go, without knowing it and Magic happens, coincidence happens, luck happens. It’s not luck, it’s not coincidence, it’s just that you let go and you let the big power take care of stuff.

Luis de Santiago
Satsang in Dublin, 28th of September 2016