Question: Luis, do I need a teacher? I’m a bit confused with this. Thanks.

Luis: In my experience yes… definitely. My search changed when I met Robert Adams. From doubts, mind games, useless techniques and false teachers, I moved on to certainty, real experiences, wordless understanding, the manifestation of being.

Most of the current or recent teachers attained their realization with the help of a living teacher, or had contact with living teachers before or after their realization. A few got realized spontaneously, like Ramana or Robert Adams, but these are people who came into this world with the work done, they did not need to search. There has also been cases of people attaining realization through coming face to face with death, or through a deep depression. In such cases, the illness was their teacher — but these cases are very rare.

The danger is falling into the hands of a false teacher, spiritual predators, whose motivations are purely selfish. I had such an experience when I was very young. But this was part of the learning and it strengthened me in my resolve.

There are also “quasi-teachers”, well-intentioned and knowledgeable people who give lectures and repeat things they have learned, but not understood or experienced. Such beings do no harm, but they don’t help either. This is how they make their living.

Then there is also what I call the “Circle of seekers”, unrealized people who sincerely believe that by supporting each other, talking, exchanging texts, holding meetings and sharing exercises, they advance in their search. I spent many years like this, going around in a circle, but I eventually realized that a blind man cannot be a guide to another blind man. It’s a waste of time.

Yearn for it, ask for it, pine for it, and your teacher will arrive in some form or another. The obstacles, distances and expenses that may be involved, will all resolve themselves automatically if you are honest in your search.

The mind will tell you that a living teacher is not necessary, that a flower, a mountain, your pet, a book can be your teacher, but the mind only looks after its own interest.

To arrive in the presence of the teacher with humility, saying “Here I am, naked. I have tried on my own and I couldn’t do it, help me”, is like coming home after a long absence and hugging your mother and being a little child again in her arms.

Satsang with Luis de Santiago, December 30th, 2014.