Resistance, which means uselessly opposing what is and cannot be changed, only produces suffering. However we do it constantly in our daily life, the life that the fictional character that is our ego has to live. We sit in the movie theater to watch the movie and we suffer trying to ensure that the things that happen to the protagonists should not happen like that. We don’t realize that the film is already made, it’s sitting on a roll in the projection room and nothing we do is going to change it.

What happens in the movie is neither good nor bad in itself, and likewise there are really no positive or negative energies. Everything is neutral, unique, empty. It is our rejection or acceptance that produces suffering or joy. In the world of duality we live caught between two paradoxes: the things that we have, that happen to us, but that we do not want, and the things that we want but that we do not have or are not happening to us as we would like. Both are the product of resistance; resisting what we have is what we call suffering and anguish, while resisting not having something is what we call desire. This rejection is implemented by the ego, which generates a huge number of thoughts, all contradictory, repetitive and useless but that distract us and prevent us from realizing the peace, happiness and love that we are and will always be.

If we stop resisting, if we accept what we receive as our lot, suffering and desire will cease. Everything will be neutral again for us and we will live in peace. Thoughts will become weaker and weaker, since they will not be achieving their objective, and the ego does not like to work in vain.

Yet we have the confusion of believing that we can resist a specific situation, event or person. The truth is that when we oppose one thing, we are opposing everything. When we try to put a brake on a situation, we are impeding everything in our life, including the wonderful blessings and gifts that conscience gives us just because we are. So we’re holding back all the love, all the peace and all the abundance and, instead, we create suffering. Such a bad business!

Luis de Santiago, October 12th, 2014