The absence of matter, nothingness, mysteriously modulates a sense of existence, of “I am”. Yet to this prime and pure sensation of simply existing, spontaneously all sorts of less subtle and contradictory sensations adhere. Thus the illusion of duality is created. Duality generates options and these nurture themselves by their own accord, to engender a unique being who, in order to stand separate, further creates other unique beings from which to stand apart.

These unique beings or “egos” sustain their separateness by creating the mind, which generates limiting thoughts like time, space, desires, rejections, likes and dislikes. In the end everything gets expressed through a physical body, which appears to have life of its own and live in a real world, where it suffers from its separateness in all possible ways and eventually dies.

At some point, just like Tom Thumb following a trail of breadcrumbs, the body will calm down. The mind will point back towards the ego. The ego will undertake the journey back home, shedding along the way all layers of individuality, until it reaches the end of duality, the “I am”. Then only nothingness will remain.

Luis de Santiago, December 13th, 2014