We have been living all our life thinking that we are a body and a mind, with something ethereal that we call “spirit” added to it.

For some the spirit doesn’t exists, and everything ends with the mind and intelligence. For others spirit is something we will have to deal with after death, of no importance in so-called real life.

The body and the mind apparently exist, we can see how they act, we can observe the body move and do all those things the body does, and we can observe the mind thinking, we can see how it creates a large number of thoughts.

But… who is observing the mind and the body? We could accept that the mind observes the body, but who observes the mind? The mind cannot observe itself, in the same way that an eye cannot see itself.

So… who or what is it that observes the mind? When I ask you who walks or who thinks, your answer is “I”. Which means that the one who observes is called “I”, and is neither the body nor the mind.

Find out who this “I” is. Don’t waste your time with body and mind. Ask yourself, who is this “I”? Where does it come from? What created it?

Turn your attention. Start your way back to the “I am”, which is the gateway to infinite peace, infinite love and real wisdom. Everything else is just mind.

Luis de Santiago, September 12th 2014.