Let’s focus on the other click of the Magic Box, which is actually two things. It is surrender, giving up, and it is opening up to receive. Very soon you will realize how related one is to the other, they are practically the same thing. 

Let’s practice a little the easiest thing: opening ourselves to receive. When we have something in front of us, a beautiful landscape, a pleasant smell, as long as we don`t let the mind intervene, we just expand with it, it is a natural thing. We will not allow the mind to judge, to define, to look for faults on things. We are going to take advantage of what we have here, these flowers that smell so good (Luis points to the bouquet of flowers next to him). We are going to start by opening ourselves to the smell of these flowers. We are really opening ourselves. We feel like we are opening ourselves because the smell is so wonderful that there is no defense. There can be no defense because what we are receiving is perfect, so we open ourselves to receive this wonderful smell. And the mind is going to try to butt in, of course, the mind is going to try to find a way in. Don’t let it, don’t listen to it, open up. 

Opening up does not require effort, if you feel that you are making an effort the mind is getting in. Receiving does not require effort, simply opening up.

(long silence)

Receiving entrances, delights, because you are receiving Grace, you are opening yourself to Grace, and it intoxicates.

Now I want you to individually go out to the gardens and open yourself to all the things that Grace has placed there. Effortlessly. Not cars or buildings. The trees, the sun, the wind, the shadows, the birds, the sounds. Open up one by one to all these things, on your own, individually.


How are you feeling? You are high, aren`t you? It`s narcotic, isn’t it? And it’s free, whenever you want (laughs).

On one thing I cheated on you a little bit. I made you open up to specific things, but in reality, when you open up to one, you open up to everything. I told you yesterday, Grace doesn’t know how to give a little bit of this or a little bit of that. Either you get everything or you get nothing. Grace is digital, it is either zero or one. When you open up to one thing you are opening up to the whole Universe. We are going to be ambitious and we are going to open up to the whole Universe, without discriminating this or that. Everything. Give it to me! 

(Music: What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong) / Lo Verás (Chambao)

In the same way that when we open ourselves to something, we open ourselves to the entire Universe. When we reject something, we are rejecting the entire Universe. That is why we must always accept everything, as it comes.

Homework: Open yourself all the time. When you realize that you are not open, open up. Fall asleep open to the Universe, wake up open to the Universe. Get used to be open all the time, so you will receive all the wonders that the universe has for you. And remember, you have to receive everything, like a gift, what you like and what you don’t. Because if you reject something, you will not receive anything at all.

Om Shanti Shanti Om


Luis de Santiago

Sobrado dos Monxes.  October 22, 2019