Dear disciples and followers:


Given the events that lately occur in what we call the World. I wanted to express all my love. I know that many of you are having a hard time. The mind with the help of the media wants to lead you into a situation of panic; where the defense of what is not real takes priority over the search for what is. I understand you perfectly and I remind you that calm and patience is the only way to cope with these situation.

Use these moments to observe the Mind in its most shameless expression. Atma Vichara more than ever is the solution, not to the world’s problems but to how we feel in this atmosphere of terminal fear in which the planet is immersing. Grace will never abandon you, calm, patience and Atma Vichara.

All the solutions that are being implemented make it very difficult to travel and meet in Satsang. However, my desire to be close to you lead me to try new ways to meet in truth. It will not be the same as Satsang (Satsang implies physical proximity) but it is the closest thing I can offer you at the moment. The Madrid intensive of March 27, 28 and 29 will be done online. Interested people will be given instructions on how to prepare.

This opens the possibility for followers from distant countries to attend, virtually, the session on Friday, March 27. Javi will give you all the information at, or on FB (Javi Lo).

All my Love.


Luis de Santiago